Hi! I'm Pouya Vedadiyan

I was grabbed by the gravity of computer science in 1994 and I’ve been accelerating in my orbit ever since. In this system, my mission is to accomplish the unachievable. It is to fly above and beyond conventions and to craft code which docks with any rapidly revolving mechanism. From this vantage point everything looks so spectacular.

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Email: vedadiyan@gmail.com

Phone: (+98)-912-3352476


Being born in 1987, I started learning about computers for the first time in 1994. Since that year, I have managed to learn and master a number of fields in computer science including programming which has always been my favourite. Focusing on this field, I started practicing software development principles through C++. With the emergence and swift prevalence of modern programming environments in the early 2000s, I redirected my focus on languages such as Java and C# which I still use to date. I never believed that there is such a thing as an irresolvable problem neither could I accept that a solution is unquestionably the best. For that reason, I sought the most infeasible programming problems, and I played with them as long as I could achieve the highest performance and stability while maintaining the beauty of the code architecture. The majority of puzzles I have managed to resolve are today in effect in sensitive commercial systems operated and maintained by banks, stock brokerage, or financial data processing companies.

Name: Pouya (Hamid Reza) Vedadiyan

Address: Yousef Abad, Tehran, IRAN

Phone: +98-912-335-2476

Title: Senior Software Engineer and System Architect

Company: Noavaran Amin

Phone: +98-21-4234-4100


Noavaran Amin (Financial Data Processing Company)

Senior Software Engineer and System Architect

#CODAL Next Generation, #Data II, #Shasta Data Processing Framework, #Borna Bot, #Spider.Net, #Jedi.Net

IRAN - Tehran

2018 - Present

Rahpouyan Pardazesh Gostar Sahra

Senior Software Developer

#Sahra (Phoenix) Online Stock Trading System

IRAN - Teharn

2017 - 2018

Contract Works

Software Engineer

#Elevate Framework, #Vesper, #Gyrator, #Tiela View Engine, #Open IELTS Online Learning System

IRAN - Tehran

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur


Notable Collaborations


SHASTA Data Analysis Framework

Shahr Bank

Boursar Implementation

Tamadon Investment Bank



B.Sc in Information Technology - Staffordshire University


2010 - 2013

B.Sc in Artificial Intelligence (Part of a Dual Degree Program) - Asia Pacific University


2010 - 2013





Bilingual Proficiency





Favourite Technologies

Programing Environments

C#, Java, Haskell, ECMAScript/JavaScript, C++/C, R

Microsoft Frameworks

.Net Frameworks, .Net Core, .Net Standard, ML.Net, Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, ADO.Net, ASP.Net MVC, Web API, WCF, SingalR, WPF, WFI

Java Frameworks

Java EE, Spring Framework, Thymeleaf, Hibernate, Kafka

JavaScript Frameworks

Node.js, Nunjucks, Express, Vue, Nuxt, Meteor, JQuery, Keystone, Babel

Other Frameworks

Rabbit MQ, Serilog, Selenuim, Dapper, DryIOC, Zero Formatter, Service Stack, Newtonsoft JSON

SQL Databases

MS SQL Server, MySQL

NoSQL Databases

MangoDb, Redis